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Segunda-feira, 07.03.11




Environment must not be sacrificed to unsustainable development, says nation's premier.


Jane Qiu


China announces energy-saving plans


China burnt more than 3 billion tonnes of coal in 2010, up 5.9% on the previous year.



= USA =


The loss of Glory is the second in two years for NASA's troubled Earth-observation programme.


Geoff Brumfiel



NASA satellite crashes to Earth


In a serious blow to Earth observation and solar science, NASA's Glory mission crashed today shortly after lift-off.





As the Gadaffi regime continues to massacre citizens, its repression also puts a rich cultural heritage at risk.


Declan Butler


Libya’s extraordinary archaeology under threat


Italian–Libyan Archaeological Mission in the Acacus and Messak, an expedition to research prehistoric archaeology and rock-art.




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