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A Última Grande Descoberta da Casa Branca

Domingo, 01.06.14

President Obama doesn’t give himself enough credit

On foreign policy and on the world stage



Jean Psaki

(Porta-voz do Departamento de Estado dos U.S.)


A partir desta afirmação da (também) porta-voz do Presidente dos U.S. fico na dúvida de qual deles precisará de apoio psicológico e/ou psiquiátrico: Jean Psaki ou Barack Obama?


Os U.S. só têm entretanto que compreender que não basta controlar a esmagadora maioria dos média nacionais e internacionais, para conseguirem impor com sucesso a sua mensagem: além do cuidado a terem com a mensagem têm que saber escolher o mensageiro ou ele acabará por se suicidar em público sem nada de importante dizer.


Só se for para contribuir para o livro das anedotas e nos fazer rir um pouco mais.


O problema é que os outros – China e Rússia – não param e a Europa continua inexoravelmente o seu caminho em direcção ao abismo.


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SEXO: Trabalhadoras Electro-Sexuais

Domingo, 01.06.14

Academics dream of electric sex workers

Carmel DeAmicis – May 30, 2014



A trabalhadora electro-sexual ROXXXY – de origem artificial

(com o seu criador Douglas Hines)


Sex robots are not as far away from reality as you might think. From butt clenching muscles to dancing humanoids, there’s enough developments in robotics, artificial intelligence, and human skin rendering that if put together, could make a fairly humanoid sexbot.


None such bots exist yet, aside from clunky primitive ones like TrueCompanion’s Roxxxy, but that hasn’t stopped a group of British academics from furiously debating the future implications of the sex robot industry.


Yes, a group of stodgy, mostly British scholars is contemplating the future of sex, specifically how technology might transform it. Damn does that sound more exciting than “Theorizing Modern Capitalism: Controversies and Interpretations” which is the kind of crap I studied in college.


Computer scientist David Levy in 2007 pioneered the discussion, with a book titled Love and Sex with Robots: The Evolution of Human-Robot Relationships. He’s convinced that sex robots will be huge in the future, wrongly predicting way back in 2009 that sex robots would happen “fairly soon.” This year, he even convinced the British Society for the Study of Artificial Intelligence and Simulation of Behavior to devote an entire track of the four day annual convention to a symposium on love and sex with robots.


ROXXXY com duas trabalhadoras sexuais – de origem natural


Then there’s Michael Hauskeller, Associate Professor from the University of Exeter, who is working on a book about “Sex and the Posthuman Condition,” based on this original paper, with plans to publish in summer 2014.  


There’s Ian Yeoman and Michelle Mars, a futurist and a sexologist respectively from New Zealand’s Victoria University of Wellington, who penned a paper in the journal Futures, arguing that robots would be safe for prostitution clients and would reduce human trafficking. The paper predicted, “In 2050, Amsterdam’s red light district will all be about android prostitutes who are clean of sexual transmitted infections (STIs), not smuggled in from Eastern Europe and forced into slavery. The city council will have direct control over android sex workers controlling prices, hours of operations and sexual services.”


Neil McArthur, Associate Professor at the University of Manitoba, teaches philosophy and sexuality and discusses the ethics of sex robots in his classes with his students, debating whether sex robots are just like vibrators, or if they have the possibility to change the way we look at sex and relationships because we might establish an emotional connection with robots the way we wouldn’t with sex toys.


Lastly, the academic who brought this issue to my attention initially is Keele University’s John Danaher. A philosophy and ethics lecturer with a Master’s and a PhD in law and philosophy, Danaher was brought into the discussion after penning an article for the Journal of Evolution and Technology, arguing an unusual view among the niche world of academics debating sex robots: That such robots would not, in fact, manage to displace prostitutes.


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Domingo, 01.06.14

Nada melhor do que uma boa soneca, depois duma refeição bem conseguida.


Galápagos – Focas – Sesta


Mesmo ali na praia num local sossegado e nuns sofás feitos à medida.


(imagem: Ryan Essex/National Geographic)

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