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Quarta-feira, 13.08.14

Dois temas ligados às alterações climáticas no planeta Terra e um terceiro tema relacionado com o planeta Marte: no primeiro tema as consequências da seca intensa que tem castigado dura e prolongadamente o estado norte-americano da Califórnia, com um contraponto dirigido para a Índia e para os efeitos por vezes devastadores das monções, no segundo tema; o terceiro tema tem a ver com a passagem do cometa Siding Spring numa tangente ao planeta Marte e das implicações atmosféricas que isso poderá ter para ambos.

(sobre os três textos seguintes de The Watchers)


California sinking one foot each year from groundwater depletion




The drought-stricken state of California is sinking into itself at an alarming rate, suggests a new report by the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS). The continued over-pumping of groundwater in many parts of the state -- the direct result of a historic three-year dry spell -- is creating empty pockets of earth that are causing the ground to literally drop, in some places by as much as one foot per year.


India's monsoon rains are changing - Heavy rain and extreme floods devastate Odisha, India (again)




Heavy rains that started in Indian state of Odisha, Bay of Bengal, mid July continued through August causing deadly floods and destruction. By Sunday, August 10, 2014, death toll climbed to 45, while flood waters affected more than 3 200 000 people. Over 3 million hectares of crops have been flooded in what might be the worst flooding Odisha experienced in more than 30 years.


Colliding atmospheres - Mars vs Comet Siding Spring




It's a known fact that planets have atmospheres, but the same can't be said for comets. The atmosphere of a comet, called its "coma," is made of gas and dust that spew out of the sun-warmed nucleus and it's typically wider than Jupiter.

“What might happen if the atmosphere of Comet Siding Spring hits the atmosphere of Mars on October 19/2014 – when the comet flybys just 132 000 km away from the surface of Mars”?


(texto em inglês e imagens – The Watchers)

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