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A Lua a 4 de Dezembro

Segunda-feira, 04.12.17

Hoje com a Lua a localizar-se a apenas 358.499Km da Terra


Imagem da SUPER LUA de 4 de Dezembro a maior (Lua Cheia) registada no ano de 2017. Aqui observada a partir de Miami (EUA) utilizando um telescópio (refrator) Celeston.


snapshot l1.jpg

Super Lua


Uma Lua (Cheia) grande e brilhante apenas porque a mesma se encontra no seu ponto mais próximo da Terra (no seu perigeu): apresentando-se 7% mais larga e 15% mais brilhante.


(imagem: P& K SpaceImaging/

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Very Bad Man

Segunda-feira, 04.12.17

Trump, the Saudi Crown Prince, Sexual Assaulters, and Robert Mugabe

(The Intercept)




The unconscionable genocidal destruction of Yemen is continuing unabated. This week on Intercepted: Sen. Chris Murphy blasts the U.S. government for its support of Saudi Arabia and lays out his fight to end the carnage in Yemen. Jeremy tears apart Thomas Friedman’s gross love letter to the Saudi crown prince and talks about the bi-partisan war against journalism from Bill Clinton to Donald Trump. As more women come forward to name their sexual assaulters and harassers, Intercept Editor-in-Chief Betsy Reed and BuzzFeed’s Katie Baker analyze this unprecedented moment. Robert Mugabe was removed in a military coup, but his successor is a brutal thug from the same party. We get analysis from Harare, Zimbabwe, about why the U.S. and Britain supported Mugabe’s repressive regime, who is in control now, and what the future holds in this mineral rich country.Comedian Joe Pera performs a dramatic re-enactment of a secret Snowden document about a summer intern at the National Security Agency who experiences culture shock. And Donald Trump stars in the exciting finale of ‘Merican Beauty.


(Jeremy Scahill/

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