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A Guerra dos Mundos

Terça-feira, 05.10.21

“The Orson Welles Program of Invasion from Mars,

was Used by the Communist Party.”


A Guerra dos Mundos e a Invasão dos Marcianos:

numa manobra psicológica envolvendo a URSS.

(utilizando apenas um programa radiofónico)


“Kenneth Goff was someone who, since the Kenneth Arnold affair of 1947 occurred, had been deep into the UFO subject. Goff’s theories and conclusions, though, didn’t go along with the well-known UFO researchers of the era – such as Coral Lorenzen, Donald Keyhoe and Leonard Stringfield. So interested was Goff in UFOs that he went on the lecture circuit and eagerly talked about the mystery. His Flying Saucer lecture was headed Traitors in the Pulpit, or What’s Behind the Flying Saucers – Are they from Russia, Another Planet, or God? A study of Goff’s pamphlets and booklets show that he wasn’t too concerned about aliens. Rather, he was far more worried about the UFO subject being secretly manipulated by the Soviet Union.”


(Kenneth Goff (September 19, 1914 - April 11, 1972) was an anti-Fluoride, Christian Identity, anti-Communist minister. He was the 1944 national chairman of Gerald L. K. Smith's Christian Youth for America.)

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