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A Pirâmide dos Açores

Terça-feira, 04.03.14

Fibonacci alignments of the AzoresPyramid & submerged city of Poseida

(The Watchers – Alexander Putney)



An impressive new discovery in the Azores Islands occurred in early May 2013, and was announced to worldwide media coverage on September 19th.


Near 74m in height, the Azores Pyramid is exactly half the original height of the Great Pyramid, at 148m. In addition, the Azores Pyramid is the same height as the Teotihuacan Pyramid in present-day Mexico, and also appears to closely match the height of the newly discovered Hummingbird Pyramid in La Maná, Ecuador!


Before the cataclysmic cometary impacts of 12,890bp that initiated the Holocene warming, sea levels were several hundred feet lower than those of today. The Azores volcanic seamounts would also have formed an island chain during that remote period of the Paleolithic, yet comprised a much larger archipelago that once included a series of islands between Terceira and São Miguel Islands.


The João De Castro seamount would have formed a round island with high cliffs on the southeastern side, while another narrow island half the size of São Miguel Island was submerged with the remains of a Paleolithic city below the newly discovered pyramid dominating it's northernmost extension.


Of course, the giant pyramid in the Azores Islands --submerged only 45m below sea level-- must have already been identified by both military sonar scans and geo-satellite surveillance several decades ago, yet a local fisherman fortuitously stumbled upon one of the most exciting sites publicized since the major discoveries in Bosnia and Indonesia. The Portuguese military claims to be undertaking investigations that will be made public, but, conversely, continue to withhold all images and information on the site.




Artigo muito interessante sobre descobertas arqueológicas relacionando entre si temas como as pirâmides, a Atlântida e os Açores, estendendo-se por ligações comuns até Nikola Tesla e ao seu Motor de Gravidade.


(The Watchers)

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