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A Possível Ligação entre a Evolução de Marte e o Futuro da Terra

Sábado, 10.01.15

Quando olhamos para o planeta Marte poderemos estar a olhar para nós!

Possible Signs Of Ancient Life On Mars
(Jacqueline Howard – The Huffington Post)




"We can detect sedimentary structures in rocks on Mars using the rover images" (Dr. Nora Noffke)


"The structures I describe belong to a group of microbial structures that form by the interaction of benthic (living on the ground) microbes with sediment dynamics (erosion) in clastic deposits such as sand" (Dr. Nora Noffke)


In other words, if such structures do exist on Mars, that suggests the planet may have once harbored microbial life. The microbes would have existed on Mars less than 3.7 billion years ago


For her research, Noffke looked at the structures seen in rocks on Mars and compared them to geological structures on Earth that are formed by microbes living in communities called microbial mats.


"Mats are composed of trillions and trillions of microbes that assemble on the floor of lakes, rivers, oceans," Noffke said in the email. "The microbes communicate with each other, they arrange into a dense layer and collaborate in gaining nutrients and light." (Dr. Nora Noffke)



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