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A Verdade, Infelizmente Vinda de Leste

Terça-feira, 07.04.20

Our lockdown was supposed

to protect the most vulnerable, the elderly,

from Covid-19

– but we’re achieving precisely the opposite.

(jornalista inglês Rob Lyons em



Com os mais velhos (os avós) literalmente entregues ao “bicho (parecendo que uma campanha de exterminação) e ainda-por-cima com os mais fracos (pais e filhos) a serem transformados em carne-para-canhão (deixando órfãos os netos) entregando as futuras gerações aos “abutres


Putting old people under virtual house arrest at home or in their care homes, denying them proper medical care, destroying the value of their pensions – how are these devastating measures supposed to be helping them?


When we are told that society must be locked down for weeks or months, we need to balance the harms of such measures against the harms of a more liberal approach. With all the focus on cases and death tolls, we are missing the devastating consequences of these lockdowns for the very people they are supposed to protect. If we really want to protect the elderly and vulnerable, we should be working fast to normalize society as soon as possible.




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