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AF – Alien’s Forces

Sexta-feira, 04.04.14


Article One


Under the orders of N.S.ALIEN (NSA) the world organisation known as U.NONE (UN) is covering an external military cup against Earth. Latest information coming from C.I.ALIEN (CIA) is saying that the first phase is underway proving that with a real and recent fact: the great earthquakes in Chile and the little ones in Yellowstone. In fact those events have been provoked by alien’s forces acting with the collaboration of very influent people of the private sector intensely working with then on Earth since the last century. That information is also based in semi-confidential talks between people of N.A.S.ALIENS (NASA) where some scientists and technicians fears the rapid approaching of some objects to the planet, one of then with a very large dimension – with some of then saying they might be space objects or spaceships. Not smiling with the conclusion and also saying the catastrophic event that it will be to U.S.ALIEN (USA) – like a pre-extermination and a after species selection. Trembling when thinking second phase and ours tiny lives (invasion and the colonization of our planet Earth).


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