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Alien’s Forces – AF

Sexta-feira, 04.04.14


Article Two


Scientists arriving from the United States of America after a long and international joint venture experiment that took place in a private lab located in Silicon Valley, told last week to APP that our planet are now running close to the edge of total extinction and annihilation, if nothing at all is done to protect nature and people from external danger coming from space. They are all saying parallel universes are real as they presence elaborate projections of other worlds like Earth, concentric or non concentric and intersecting each other. In one of the experiment holograms they clearly saw an Earth type planet with the same historic parameters of our planet and the end of projection was terrifying: Yellowstone will explode – not saying when – destroying almost the entire USA and causing the collapse of world economy. That will be the first phase that will take Earth and Humans to the destruction of civilization as we now know, totally opening the door to the second and final phase – invasion and colonization of Earth by aliens coming from deep space, with the critical collaboration of traitors to our planet and all their living things.         


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