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As Estruturas do Universo – Magnetismo e Energia

Quinta-feira, 19.04.18

[Um excerto (apresentando-o e propondo a sua leitura) de um artigo científico muito interessante, para quem ainda tenta obter (descobrir e não replicar) – tantos são os trilhos expostos mas ainda não interiorizados – umas pistas sobre o Espaço/Tempo onde coexistimos.]


The denser is the core of a galaxy, the stronger its magnetic field, the faster its rotation, the longer its spiral arms and the higher is the energy value and velocity of particles emitted from its core and also from its spiral arms

(Jamal Shrair)



Buraco-Negro Supermaciço

Our star is rotating on a helical orbit while spiraling up and down

(spiral oscillation)


“The true motion of the Sun in the galaxy is not a circular motion, but exactly like the motion of an electron in the hydrogen atom. The electron is not moving on a circular orbit or with a random motion around the proton – as quantum mechanics claims – but on a helical orbit. It is also oscillating up and down (spiral oscillation) while orbiting the proton.”


According to my understanding, all structures in the Universe, including the largest one, are magnetically ordered and centrally powered. The Milky Way follows this standard cosmic model. The astronomical objects and celestial bodies of our galaxy are connected to each other and ultimately to the extremely powerful magnetic field at its center. This is the reason why stars, star systems and star clusters orbits each other and also around the central magnetic field, which is considered in mainstream physics to be a super-massive black hole. The Sun is also part of this galactic magnetic order and cannot be an exception among at least 100 billion stars. Those stars are not scattered randomly, but they are ordered into different groups that are orbiting each other. Thus, without a doubt, the Sun is a member of star system which orbits a larger star cluster. In fact, calculations and observations show that the solar system is linked to another star system. However, realizing the complete physical reality of our star is the biggest scientific task. The Sun is the cosmological candle that allows us to visualize the whole Universe. But, only when we can light it up on the surface of the Earth, we will be able to visualize the Universe and truly understand the force that powers it.


[Investigador na área da Fusão Nuclear (fenómenos idênticos ocorridos no Sol) e dos Fundamentos da Física, tendo como base de formação a Engenharia Eletrotécnica. Ligado à ShrairFusion: “ShrairFusion conducts theoretical and experimental research in the field of condensed matter nuclear fusion, which is identical to the fusion that takes place in the Sun. In addition, it provides competent and valuable consultation in the field of low energy nuclear reactions (LENR), also known as Cold Fusion.” (]


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