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Sexta-feira, 19.03.21



“The skies in Beijing turned orange recently, thanks to what was widely reported as a massive sandstorm.” (Paul Keaveny/18.03.2021/



Pequim ─ De cor alterada para o laranja ─ 15.03.2021




“Beijing and other parts of northern China hit by biggest sandstorm in 10 years; at least 6 dead, 81 missing in neighboring Mongolia.” (BNO News/@BNONews/15.03.2021/


“The problem, at least in terms of public health, is that it was not actually a sandstorm. It was a dust storm.” (Paul Keaveny/18.03.2021/



Chade ─ Como origem das poeiras ─ Integrando as tempestades




“Dust storms in China have occurred since long before humans had a widespread impact on the landscape. During the repeated ice ages of the past 2.6 million years, huge volumes of dust were generated by the advance and retreat of ice sheets, settling to form deposits known as loess.” (Paul Keaveny/18.03.2021/


“So, what is causing the present dust storms? Is this a purely natural process, or a function of climate change, or land mismanagement, perhaps? The answer is complex – and probably includes a little bit of each of these factors. Part humans, part nature.”

(Paul Keaveny/18.03.2021/


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