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CO₂ − Protagonista em Recorde Histórico e Atmosférico

Sexta-feira, 17.05.19

[Contando com a “preciosa” participação do Homem, com a concentração na nossa atmosfera atingindo uns espantosos 415,70 ppm – e desse modo nestes últimos 60 anos registando-se um aumento superior a 60% (“extraordinário” nuns 1%/ano).]


Today is the Highest Concentration of Atmospheric CO2 in Human History.

415 Parts Per Million.

Last Time it Was This High, There Were Trees at the South Pole.

(Evan Gough/Universe Today)



Leitura de CO₂

Observatório de Mauna Loa




Think about this for a minute: We humans and our emissions are helping turn back the climatological clock by 2 or 3 million years, possibly more. Not since that time, called the Pliocene Epoch, has the CO2 ppm risen above 400.


Way back then, the CO2 helped keep the Earth’s temperature 2 to 3 degrees C warmer than it is now. And the Earth was a much different place back then.


The Pliocene Epoch lasted from about 5 million to 1.8 million years ago. Scientists use it as a comparison for what the Earth might look like as our current climate changes, because it was the last time atmospheric CO2 reached 400 ppm.


The ocean level at that time was about 25 meters higher than it is now and fluctuated between about 20 and 30 meters. In our day, the seas are rising, and nobody knows for sure when they might crest. Sea levels have risen about three inches in the last 25 years and will keep rising. Not only are glaciers and ice sheets melting, but the ocean is absorbing heat and expanding, causing them to rise.


These are just numbers and they don’t really paint the entire picture. Things were so different back during that warmer Earth that the Arctic had no ice cover. Instead, it was covered in trees. So was the south pole. Before these facts drift off into your stream of consciousness, here’s some more context: At no time since modern humans appeared has the CO2 been this high.


The 415 ppm was announced in a Tweet from the Keeling Curve.


(Evan Gough)


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[E sem se verificar nenhuma reação em contrário (da iniciativa do Homem, “um do maus colaboradores”, no mínimo de modo a “equilibrar a Balança”), tal como Evan Gough escreve (antecipa), restando-nos apenas esperar (e pelos vistos a este ritmo pouco tempo), por uma nova leitura (de CO₂) certamente ainda mais alta.]


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