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Segunda-feira, 21.07.14



Malaysia Airlines Disaster Could Be Setback for AIDS Research

(Live Science)


The human immunodeficiency virus – HIV in green – infecting a cell

(image taken with an electron scanning microscope)


The HIV/AIDS research community expressed sadness today over the loss of prominent AIDS researchers and activists who were aboard Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17, saying that the tragedy could also be a setback for research in the field.


The flight, which was carrying nearly 300 passengers from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, was brought down yesterday (July 17) by a surface-to-air missile while flying over an area of conflict between Ukraine and Russia, according to U.S. government officials. At least several of the passengers on the flight were believed to be headed to the International AIDS Conference in Melbourne, Australia.


So far, conference organizers say they have confirmed that seven AIDS researchers and activists were among the victims, according to The Washington Post. Among the victims was Dr. Joep Lange, from the Department of Global Health at the University of Amsterdam, whose colleagues call him a pioneer in the field.




(texto: Rachael Rettner and Bahar Gholipour/ – imagem: Cynthia Goldsmith/Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)

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