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Dólmenes, Cromeleques e Mouras Encantadas

Segunda-feira, 08.06.15

Um artigo interessante baseado numa tese de mestrado da arqueóloga Henna Lindström tendo como base de trabalho os construtores de dólmenes e cromeleques e a sua associação em Portugal com as misteriosas histórias sobre As Mouras Encantadas.


Legends say mysterious women built the megaliths of Portugal
(Ancient Origins – 4 June 2015 – Mark Miller)



Évora – Guadalupe – Cromeleques


The art and symbols in Portuguese dolmens, and their orientation towards the rising sun or equinoctical full moon can be seen as telling about their faith in rebirth. The art itself can be seen as made to guide people—living, dead and unborn—to travel between worlds of living and dead. Megalithic graves were burial sites and places for ritual burials, but it is very plausible it wasn't their only and maybe not even their main function. It is likely that they were, like the churches in Christian times, spiritual centers around which the community got together celebrate important dates and happenings, to negotiate and agree about matters concerning the whole community and to strengthen their communality. (extracto)



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