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Here Comes the Sun

Quarta-feira, 23.11.16

Black & White


On Earth and Cleary on Mars the Sun is always present: in our land strictly to save us in alien land sometimes to kill them. The second choice targeted to Mars an arid and deserted planet without atmosphere or water – probably with life billions of years ago (even on a primitive way) and today appointed by man as a future colony (with space conquest in our mind vision).



On planet Mars the Sun really burns

From the perspective of a possible and still existent Martian

In the actual ambient conditions (of deadly radiations) only being possible underground

(MARS – SOL 528 – 23.11.16)


Rising in the not almost clear sky of alien planet Mars, without clouds but only dust (to earthman normal like in the desert) and starting warming once again the almost cremated scenario for billions and billions of years invaded by cosmic rays (including and mostly solar): and flying in space like a zombie without is soul and even a destiny to just talk about (or murmur).



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