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Novo Ciclone em Moçambique

Sexta-feira, 26.04.19

Depois de IDAI agora com o Ciclone Tropical KENNETH prestes a atingir Moçambique.


Extremely dangerous Tropical Cyclone "Kenneth" about to make landfall in Mozambique

(Teo Blaskovic/



Ciclone Kenneth atingindo Moçambique


Tropical Cyclone "Kenneth" has rapidly intensified over the past 24 hours and is now a Category 4 hurricane equivalent on the Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Wind Scale. Landfall is expected before the end of the UTC day, April 25 in northern Mozambique, near Ingoane, Cobre, Nagulue and Pangane, with destructive winds over 185 km/h - Category 3 hurricane equivalent.


At 06:00 UTC on April 25, the center of Intense Tropical Cyclone "Kenneth" was located 145 km E of Ingoane, Mozambique and 158 km W of Moroni, Comoros.


It had a maximum average wind speed of 213 km/h and a central pressure of 934 hPa.



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