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O Clima da Terra em Junho de 2018

Domingo, 22.07.18

The global land and ocean temperature departure from average for June 2018 was the fifth highest for the month of June in the NOAA global temperature dataset record, which dates back to 1880.



O clima em Junho de 2018


Europe had its second warmest June since continental records began in 1910 at 3.24°F above average, trailing behind 2003 by 0.16°F. Several European countries had a June temperature that ranked among the six warmest Junes on record.



Temperaturas da terra e do mar no mês de Junho de 2018


The June average Arctic sea ice extent was the fourth smallest in the 40-year record at 405,000 square miles (9.0 percent) below the 1981-2010 average, according to an analysis by the National Snow and Ice Data Center using data from NOAA and NASA.



Camada de gelo cobrindo o Ártico e a Antártida em Junho de 2018


Antarctic sea ice extent during June was 190,000 square miles (3.8 percent) below the 1981-2010 average, the eighth smallest June extent on record. Antarctic sea ice expanded at a rate faster than average during June, and by the end of the month, the daily sea ice extent was near average.


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