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Planet Earth

Domingo, 17.04.11



Is Armenia's Nuclear Plant the World's Most Dangerous?


Nuclear Plant


Steam rises from the cooling towers of Metsamor nuclear power station in Armenia in September 2010. One of the last old operating Soviet reactors built without containment vessels, its location in a seismic zone has drawn renewed attention since Japan's earthquake-and-tsunami-triggered crisis.








This is a time exposure of four lightning strikes over Scottsdale, Arizona.



Volcanic Plume Even Bigger Than Thought





Steam rises above Grand Prismatic Spring in Yellowstone National Park.





Tamega River




The Tamega River flows under a Roman-era bridge in the scenic town of Amarante.





Sun, water and food


Albufeira – Praia do Evaristo


This image was captured in the fading light of a stormy day on the Portuguese south coast, the Algarve. Waves were rolling in, very powerful, and there was salty spray in the air, covering the equipment within minutes, but I was so amazed by the light.


National Geographic

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