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No Dia das Bruxas

Quinta-feira, 31.10.19

[Duas partes e uns parágrafos, sobre “Doçuras e Travessuras”.]



The word 'witch' comes to us from the Old English wicca,

which was a masculine word meaning 'wizard'.

The feminine version was wicce, pronounced 'witch'.

(Laura Knight-Jadczyk)


“While most Christians just think of Halloween as a secular holiday which allows kids (and big kids!) to dress up in silly costumes, eat candy, and generally make fun of everything that is normally scary in our world,


Some other - mostly fundamentalist - Christians ascribe a negative influence to the celebration because they feel it celebrates paganism, the occult, or trivializes it so that their members are not properly fearful of ghosts, demons and the devil.


Jehovah's Witnesses do not celebrate Halloween because they believe anything that originated from a pagan holiday should not be celebrated by true Christians.



A woodcut by Hans Glaser (1566)

showing a strange celestial event

in 1561 over Nuremberg




A comet came and nearly destroyed humanity at the end of October 13,000 years ago, and impacting debris from the same comet brought Judaism, Christianity, Islam and, later, the imposition of Christianity on the Western world.


Later still, the same comet stream brought the Black Death and the persecution of witches, both male and female.


This scape-goating was utilized to get rid of a lot of individuals who threatened the status quo - the control over the masses - and that included a great many strong, independent women. And so, today, we associate witches with Halloween, the end of October, and the anniversary of the destruction of nearly all life on Earth.


It is just a variation on the 'Eve ate the apple and brought about the fall in Eden' story, created by psychopaths who hate women and all they stand for: Creation, Nurturing and Service to Others.”


[Artigo: Laura Knight-Jadczyk/Witches, Comets and Planetary Cataclysms −]


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