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Vítima do Coronavírus (2019-nCoV)

Sexta-feira, 07.02.20


Doctor who sounded alarm on Wuhan virus dies of it

Li Wenliang, 34, was reprimanded by Chinese police for warning of outbreak

(Xeni Jardin/06.02.2020/



Li Wenliang was 34

When he tried to sound the alarm about the deadly Wuhan coronavirus,

now officially known as Novel coronavirus 2019-nCoV,

the police brought him in for questioning.

(Carla Sinclair)


A Chinese ophthalmologist in Wuhan who tried to warn his colleagues on December 30 about seven patients who had come down with a SARS-like virus but was censored by the Chinese government – and and then detained two days later for "rumor mongering" – has died from the disease. After being detained for two days, Li Wenliang, age 34, helped patients with the novel coronavirus who streamed into his overrun hospital, until he himself became infected with the coronavirus and was hospitalized. (Carla Sinclair/06.02.2020/



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