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US Citizens Are Almost Chinese Slaves

Segunda-feira, 27.01.14



“There are lies and there are damn lies”

Mark Twain


The rumor states that when Hillary Clinton went to China, she pledged the ownership of our homes as collateral to the Chinese so that they would continue to purchase our debt.


What Are the Chinese Purchasing?

Before I subscribe to this rumor, I would like to know which debt the rumor is referring to. Is the debt consisting of the United States selling 17 trillion dollars in budget debt and the Chinese are purchasing that debt?



Would the purchased debt consist of the unfunded liabilities debt totaling 240 trillion dollars? Or, would the Chinese be so kind as to purchase the really big debt of 1.5 quadrillion dollars of derivatives debt created by the bankster Ponzi schemes gone bad?

Are the Chinese just plain stupid or are they just dumb like a fox?



(David Hodges –

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