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A Nova Idade do Fogo

Sábado, 02.11.19

Ou “Período Piromaníaco”. E recordando a “1ª Idade do Fogo” ocorrendo no período Neolítico e quando por cá andava o Homem Erectus − o antecessor do Homem Moderno – há mais de 9000 anos: com o “FOGO” criando e desenvolvendo uma “CIVILIZAÇÃO” e com o mesmo (Instrumento e mecanismo) podendo destruí-la.]


California Wildfires Signal the Arrival of a Planetary Fire Age

(Stephen Pyne - The Conversation/



Wind and flames rip through an area near Geyserville/California

During the Kincade Fire on Oct. 24, 2019



Has Earth entered the Pyrocene?


Another autumn, more fires, more refugees and incinerated homes. For California, flames have become the colors of fall.


Free-burning fire is the proximate provocation for the havoc, since its ember storms are engulfing landscapes. But in the hands of humans, combustion is also the deeper cause. Modern societies are burning lithic landscapes - once-living biomass now fossilized into coal, gas and oil - which is aggravating the burning of living landscapes.


The influence doesn't come only through climate change, although that is clearly a factor. The transition to a fossil fuel civilization also affects how people in industrial societies live on the land and what kind of fire practices they adopt.


Even without climate change, a serious fire problem would exist. U.S. land agencies reformed policies to reinstate good fire 40 to 50 years ago, but outside a few locales, it has not been achievable at scale.


What were lithic landscapes have been exhumed and no longer only underlie living ones. In effect, once released, the lithic overlies the living and the two different kinds of burning interact in ways that sometimes compete and sometimes collude. Like the power lines that have sparked so many wildfires, the two fires are crossing, with lethal consequences.




[Artigo: Stephen Pyne − California Wildfires Signal the Arrival of a Planetary Fire Age −]


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