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CR7: The Fittest Man Alive

Quarta-feira, 06.08.14

It's Official

Cristiano Ronaldo is the "Fittest Man Alive"



If there were any naysayers left, the soccer star's recent cover for Men's Health is bound to change some minds.




"I think my whole body is fit," Ronaldo told Men's Health". I do not prepare my body for photo shooting or to be beautiful. I do that for my job, for fútbol -- to be healthy, to be strong, to be ready for all the battles, all the season, for the whole competition. I'm always prepared, I'm not looking just for one part of the body, I work everything, even the mental [part]. Which in my opinion is the most important".


(tirado do artigo de 05.08 de: Carolina Moreno/The Huffington Post)

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