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Jul 15

Greece: Tsipras Surrenders to Troika Bandits
(Stephen Lendman – Global Research, July 13, 2015)




Greece is being systematically raped and pillaged. It’s painful to see how easily powerful monied interests can destroy a nation without firing a shot. Financial war is as cruel and ruthless as naked aggression.


Long-suffering Greeks understand better than establishment economists – paid to con people to believe destructive policies benefit them.


Harder than ever hard times awaits Greeks and ordinary people throughout Western societies. Regimes in Europe and America serve their privileged elites alone at the expense of most others, especially their most vulnerable and needy.


Their governments are their worst enemies – in bed with dark forces destroying their welfare and futures. SYRIZA was elected on a pledge of no more austerity. Betrayal followed. It’s just a question of how bad things will be once the dust settles. What’s happening isn’t pretty.


On Sunday, Eurogroup president/Dutch finance minister Jeroen Dijsselbloem gave Greece the Troika’s take-it-or-leave-it harsh ultimatum – a list of stiffer austerity measures than earlier proposed and other tough ones as a condition for more bailout help – now reportedly for 86 – 87 billion euros over three years (10 billion euros immediately for bank recapitalizations).


Greece’s parliament must approve the deal and legislate Troika diktats into law with Tsipras’ signature by July 15. Terms agreed on include:


Higher regressive VAT taxes hitting millions of impoverished Greeks hardest along with broadening the tax base affecting ordinary people most.


Stiff pension cuts (on top of 40% eliminated earlier) including for poor retirees cut no slack.


Adopting a Code of Civil Procedure to streamline procedures and reduce costs – in other words, continued stiff budget cuts harming millions of Greeks already suffering hugely from earlier imposed austerity.


Full implementation of the Treaty on Stability, Coordination and Governance in the Economic and Monetary Union’s key provisions – including mandated spending cuts gutting social services more than already.


Giving foreign investors freer access to plunder Greece’s economy.


Privatizing power generation and transmission along with other state enterprises previously off-limits.


Neutralizing labor rights ahead of eliminating them altogether – including restricting collective bargaining and right to strike as well as eliminating hiring and firing restrictions.


Rescinding SYRIZA enacted laws not agreed on by the European Commission, ECB and IMF.


Transferring up to 50 billion euros worth of Greek assets to a Troika controlled fund based in Athens to contribute to servicing debt and recapitalizing Greek banks.


Possible debt restructuring by extending maturities, not write-downs.


Troika officials will monitor Greek implementation of demands.


Bottom line: they mandate Athens entirely surrendering its sovereign rights to the European Commission, ECB and IMF.


Greater than ever austerity will be imposed, hitting millions of impoverished/unemployed Greeks hardest, including poor pensioners to receive less than their already meager payments en route to eliminating them altogether.


Privatizing state enterprises earlier considered off-limits. Plans are to transform Greece into an nightmarish dystopian wasteland.


It’s hard imagining any government accepting what’s demanded. No responsible one would. Tsipras sold out. His signature on the final deal alone awaits.


Word from Brussels is all parties agreed on a deal. It’s official. Tsipras handed Greek sovereignty to Troika bandits, agreeing to all their unacceptable demands.


European Council President Donald Tusk tweeted: “Euro summit has unanimously reached agreement. All ready to go for ESM (European Stability Mechanism) program for Greece with serious reforms and financial support.”


Greece’s parliament must accept the deal and enact demanded legislation by July 15 complying with Troika diktats. It’s almost but not entirely certain – defying overwhelming public opposition according to polls.


A Final Comment


Greeks suffered horrifically under Nazi occupation during WW II. It took a terrible toll on millions. Tens of thousands of Athenians alone perished from starvation.


Many thousands more endured barbarous Nazi persecution. Greece’s economy was destroyed. A Berlin-installed collaborationist regime brutalized it own people.


Around half a million perished – from starvation, massacres, assassinations and other forms of brutality. People were shot on sight for no reason. Women and young girls were raped, many then savagely murdered.


Greece is again occupied, a Troika controlled colony, its sovereignty lost. Tsipras is a modern-day quisling – selling out to monied interests disgracefully. He’ll be remembered for agreeing to a Greek Versailles.


This time financial predators are villains – force-feeding pain and suffering their way. Human need and welfare are sacrificed for unrestricted profit-making the old-fashioned way – pillaging an entire nation, wrecking its economy more than already.



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Nov 12

“Greece, Portugal and Spain are staring into the same economic abyss”



Este cão – já sabemos somos nós!


“Portugal is also beginning to go around in circles, like a dog chasing its tail”


Este cão – já toda a gente sabe quem é!


O grande problema aqui – e que não é mencionado no artigo a que estas “afirmações” se referem – é que do ponto de vista económico, existem dois tipos de cães no nosso país: aqueles que vivem em função daquilo que vão encontrando e partilhando no espaço onde vivem, de modo a poderem garantir uma vida minimamente condigna, mesmo que seja agrupando-se em comunidades de sobrevivência (aqui e agora retratados como o primeiro cão que somos nós); e os outros que tem vivido do roubo sistemático a outras matilhas – espalhando o terror e a violência por todos os territórios adjacentes e que julgam ser seus por direitos adquiridos – manifestando exclusivamente interesse em perpetuar o seu domínio e deste modo continuar a usufruir dos privilégios de sempre, pelo menos enquanto estes forem possíveis de manter.


(títulos entre aspas – – e

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