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Ours Children’s Next Year No Future

Segunda-feira, 30.12.13

“We wished you a merry Christmas”

(Cavaco Silva – 19.12.13)


Zombie Kid


With all the people constantly dying in silent at home under the aliens orders of our dictatorial government – because they don’t need any more slaves – many children’s have no use today becoming – like in China – a expandable merchandise. But maybe in future days the survivals may enter successfully in the food chain.



Transformers of the Future


With the agreement of the state and the contribution of this economic and mechanical system – that they create for theirs satisfaction and pleasure – no doubt families will be obliged to deliver all the children’s possible, if they want to survive in a limited and controlled society: they don’t need people they want space and money.


The Future of the World


The leaders of the world don’t think any more on the subject called people, because all the system structure is based in economic theories that make the humans dispensable, because now in our collapsing world many people – don’t knowing the fact – doesn’t exist anymore. Next year will be better.  


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