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Fake News

Quinta-feira, 15.03.18

The Origins Of Fake News Exposed

(February 18, 2018 ‒ Niamh Harris ‒




How real is “fake news”?


Investigative journalist Sharyl Attkisson, former correspondent and anchor at PBS, CNN and CBS News and a five-time Emmy Award winner and recipient of the Edward R. Murrow award for investigative reporting, has done her research.


In her latest TedX Talk, Attkisson exposes the origins of the “fake news” narrative that was aggressively pushed by the liberal media and Democrat politicians during the 2016 election, and how it was later flipped by President Donald Trump.


PJ Media reports: Attkisson pointed out that “fake news” in the form of tabloid journalism and false media narratives has always been around under different names.


But she noticed that in 2016, there seemed to be a concerted effort by the MSM to focus America’s attention on the idea of “fake news” in conservative media. That looked like a propaganda effort to Attkisson, so she did a little digging and traced the new spin to a little non-profit called “First Draft,” which, she said, “appears to be the about the first to use ‘fake news’ in its modern context.”


“On September 13, 2016, First Draft announced a partnership to tackle malicious hoaxes and fake news reports,” Attkisson explained. “The goal was supposedly to separate wheat from chaff, to prevent unproven conspiracy talk from figuring prominently in internet searches. To relegate today’s version of the alien baby story to a special internet oblivion.”


She noted that a month later, then-President Obama chimed in.


“He insisted in a speech that he too thought somebody needed to step in and curate information of this wild, wild West media environment,” she said, pointing out that “nobody in the public had been clamoring for any such thing.”


Yet suddenly the subject of fake news was dominating headlines all over America as if the media had received “its marching orders,” she recounted. “Fake news, they insisted, was an imminent threat to American democracy.”


Attkisson, who has studied the manipulative moneyed interests behind the media industry, said that “few themes arise in our environment organically.” She noted that she always found it helpful to “follow the money.”


“What if the whole anti-fake news campaign was an effort on somebody’s part to keep us from seeing or believing certain websites and stories by controversializing them or labeling them as fake news?” Attkisson posited.


Digging deeper, she discovered that Google was one of the big donors behind First Draft’s “fake news” messaging. Google’s parent company, Alphabet, was (formally) run by Eric Schmidt, who happened to be a huge Hillary Clinton supporter.


Schmidt “offered himself up as a campaign adviser and became a top multi-million donor to it. His company funded First Draft around the start of the election cycle,” Attkisson said. “Not surprisingly, Hillary was soon to jump aboard the anti-fake news train and her surrogate David Brock of Media Matters privately told donors he was the one who convinced Facebook to join the effort.”


Attkisson declared that “the whole thing smacked of the roll-out of a propaganda campaign.” Attkisson added, “But something happened that nobody expected. The anti-fake news campaign backfired. Each time advocates cried fake news, Donald Trump called them ‘fake news’ until he’d co-opted the term so completely that even those who [were] originally promoting it started running from it — including the Washington Post,” which she noted later backed away from using the term.


Attkisson called Trump’s accomplishment a “hostile takeover” of the term and cautioned people to always be aware of “powerful interests might be trying to manipulate” their opinions.


She described two warning signs to look out for.

  1. When the media tries to shape or censor facts and opinions rather than report them.
  2. When so many in the media are reporting the same stories, promulgating the same narratives, relying on the same sources — even using the same phrases.

Attkisson pointed out that there’s an infinite number of ways to report stories, so “when everybody’s on the same page, it might the result of an organized campaign.” She warned the audience about the latest effort to quell speech through something called “media literacy,” where liberal elites tell everyone else whom they should trust. She said, “Media literacy advocates are busy trying to get state laws passed to require that their version of media literacy be taught in public schools.”


What’s more, they’re developing websites and partnering with universities. She warned that these people have their own agendas and want to tell you what to believe.


(The Origins Of Fake News Exposed/Niamh Harris/

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A Melhor Descrição dos EUA

Sexta-feira, 11.04.14


Bandeira dos Estados Unidos da América

(a maior potência mundial)


“The Best Democracy Money Can Buy”


[título do livro editado em 2004 pela editora Amazon da autoria do jornalista e investigador norte-americano nascido em Los Angeles Greg Palast – especialista em fraudes financeiras e jornalista freelancer da BBC e do jornal The Observer]


(imagem – Web)

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New World Bush

Segunda-feira, 03.03.14

An Ex-KGB-Agent of Capitalism first working for us (pardon the state), then working for him (pardon the privates): Dictator, Democratic or the same thing?

Nothing of that: only fighting for money only fighting for power. Like in my (your) country.




Vladimir is looking for a target to show the world the power of Russia: Sochi was only the announcement. Next phase's game? Maybe cutting the air to Ukraine and theirs neighbours and friends. But Vladimir priority objective – like Bush with Oil – it's only Europe. Russia will be one of the next world states leaders, controlling Europe and Asia with the other international monsters, China.


(imagem –

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Davos Billionaires

Segunda-feira, 27.01.14

Oblivious to the Coming Revolution

(Paul Farrell)




The world looks different from rarified altitude of a billionaire. Especially if you’re one of the 85 richest, who control more wealth than the 3.5 billion poorest.


You guys already own half the planet. Keep up the good work, getting richer, by the end of this century your family could be one of the world’s 11 trillionaires predicted in the new Credit Suisse Global Wealth Report. Capitalism is the ticket to owning everything.


Cruising at 51,000 feet, Mach 0.85 in your $40 million Gulfstream jet, you know the world belongs to you. A few days at the World Economic Forum in historic Davos, Europe’s highest city, high in the Swiss Alps, and your world seemed even bigger. Roots in the Higher Middle Ages. Fabulous ski resort.


Davos is mostly about business contacts, meeting other powerful capitalists, great PR and i-photo ops walking among world leaders, in seminars, at meals, over drinks, just mingling with the 2,500 participants — all the captains of industry, central bankers, heads of state, thought leaders and celebrity economists, maybe even listening to actor Matt Damon talking about his or attending a mindful meditation session with Goldie Hawn.


But bottom line: for 1,500 business and financial types at Davos, many whose firms are permanent members, just one new contact can justify the quarter million often spent belonging to the exclusive Davos Forum. Yes, up at their altitude, the world really does looks different.


Billionaires aren’t ‘Curious Capitalists,’ they just want to make more money


The truth is, for 43 years Davos has been a private club for capitalists that has had more to do with increasing economic inequality than any other global organization. Here’s how a real “Curious Capitalist,” as Time’s editor, Rana Foroohar, sees it from ground level mingling with world leaders, gathering quotes, interviewing and blogging, to get answers to “The 5 Most Important Questions for the Davos Elite”:


  • Is U.S. economic recovery for real?
  • Will China’s economy blow up?
  • Is technology a friend or an enemy?
  • Who wins, millennials vs. baby boomers?
  • What will the political impact of inequality be?


Actually, only one of these five questions has the potential of triggering catastrophic long-term consequences: Economic inequality. The other four, while significant, are all what mathematicians call dependent functions of the inequality equation that’s impacting technology, generational conflicts and the economies of China and America.


In fact, a cultural revolution is creating a new global collective conscience between capitalism and inequality, the Haves and the Have-nots. A powerful virus is spreading, rising from the grass roots of billions in the repressed poor and the middle class, forcing moral leaders to step forward and openly challenge the destructive forces of capitalism. You can now even see them jumping on this new bandwagon.



(Paul Farrell/26.01.2014/

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Apenas algumas simples constatações

Sexta-feira, 10.01.14

“Perhaps the single most important thing to know about power in the world today is that most nations do not have control over their own currencies”

(Richard K. Moore)



"Let me issue and control a nation’s money and I care not who writes the laws"

Mayer Amschel Rothschild (1744-1812), founder of the House of Rothschild


"Some of the biggest men in the United States are afraid of something. They know there is a power somewhere, so organised, so subtle, so watchful, so interlocked, so complete, so pervasive that they had better not speak above their breath when they speak in condemnation of it"

Woodrow Wilson (1856-1924), 28th President of the United


"In politics, nothing happens by accident. If it happens, you can bet it was planned that way"

Franklin D. Roosevelt (1882-1945), 32nd President of the United States


"The Persian Gulf crisis is a rare opportunity to forge new bonds with old enemies (the Soviet Union)… Out of these troubled times a New World Order can emerge under a United Nations that performs as envisioned by its founders"

US President George Bush Sr., State of the Union Address, 29 January 1991


"Childbearing [should be] a punishable crime against society, unless the parents hold a government license… All potential parents [should be] required to use contraceptive chemicals, the government issuing antidotes to citizens chosen for childbearing"

David Brower, first Executive Director of the Sierra Club


(Richard K. Moore –

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O Mundo Como Sempre – Ontem, Hoje e Amanhã

Domingo, 05.01.14

Podemos comparar determinadas situações apenas como um simples processo experimentativo a partir do qual nos será permitido tirar algumas conclusões mas sempre parciais.

Nunca esquecendo que as condições são diferentes – em espaços transformados – mas os participantes continuam iguais – apenas adaptados.

Império Romano/Império Americano



Caesar's Rome and today


In ancient Rome, money was gold, silver, and various other metals in ingot or struck form. The silver Denarius coin was one of the common currencies of the people for commercial trade. The gold Aureus coin was generally valued at 25 denarii (unequal weights), and was used for large payments and a stable store of value (savings).



By Caesar's time (b.100BC) it was well-understood that a growing empire required a growing economy, and thus, a growing money supply. Much of this money entered the empire in the form of booty through its conquests all around the Mediterranean. By mid-century, Caesar added Gaul (Western Europe) to the conquests, and consequently, more money to the Republic's treasury and economy.


Caesar's Roman Empire and the US Empire


The US Empire has been greatly facilitated by encapsulation of the rest of the world (RotW) in the US Dollar Reserve system of trade settlement. What began as trade settlement among nations in gold (and other real products) progressed to settlement in Dollars with convertibility to gold (pre-1971), to, finally, Dollars backed by nothing. This exorbitan privilege has allowed the US to ignore deficit spending, and, in effect, coerce the RotW to help pay for the greatest military and intelligence system build-up that the world has ever known. This military/corporate industrial complex is what Eisenhower warned us of so many years ago, and since then, has been used to affect imperial conquest over the RoTW by enlisting banking/financial institutions, multinational corporations, politicians, academic institutions, organized crime, and subversive intelligence services engaging in false-flag attacks, fraud, market manipulation, money laundering, drugs, blackmail, and outright murder.




The US Empire services today's Optimates - there is no overt or covert agenda of benefit to the Populares (the people of the world). Just as in Caesar's Rome, the Optimates regard the Populares as the enemy. And today, we can see that US Empire is intent on the destruction of even its own masses - regardless of all of the media/political rhetoric.


Corruption in the US legislative system is worse than ever with bribes taking the form of lobbyist "contributions" through all manner of PACs (Political Action Committees). It is no longer possible for the people of the US to gain honest representation of their interests. Representation of the Populares has been neutered.


A Caesar in Our Own Time?


Was there a US "Caesar" in our own time? I think so - and that would be John F Kennedy (JFK). JFK was murdered by the same oligarchic Optimates that, in our own times, maintain a nameless and faceless existence behind our governments, institutions, and corporations. He was murdered by the same interests that murdered Caesar on the Senate floor - those that consider the Populares their enemy. JFK was intent on destroying the agenda of the oligarchs in favor of actions and policies that support the Populares - just as Caesar attempted to do. Among many other Populares positions, JFK planned to,




  • Issue new money according to the US Constitution. This was a slap in the face of the oligarch owners of the Federal Reserve Bank.
  • Bust the CIA into a "thousand pieces". Intelligence agencies are ideal hiding places for oligarchic operations and interests due to the powerful veil of "national security".
  • Eliminate organized crime/corruption. Another veil hiding oligarchic operations and influence.
  • End a growing Cold War agenda. Today this has morphed into the War on Terror and serves oligarchic interests directly.

Maybe, considering his true legacy, it's really no wonder at all that the New Testament Gospels actually describe the life of Julius Caesar rather than Jesus.

(Caesar's Rome and today – Larry Bowers –

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Quarta-feira, 03.08.11

Albufeira – Praia do Inatel


Money é aquilo que a gente quer.


Sem ele não existimos e podemos apanhar muitas doenças.


“De pequenino é que se torce o destino” – nenhum jovem sem uma bomba de peso e sem roupas de marca mesmo do cigano, tem futuro e arranja mulher ou marido.


No Verão o Algarve é uma curte, com calor, bebida e gaja boa em todo o lado, ou gajo de boa família, com dinheiro, um carrão e gel na cabeça.


As festas são aos montes, o que até não deixa de ser bom.


Enquanto desbundas com quem ainda te tira a cueca, mandas por outro lado o teu companheiro afocinhar em montes de doces, sardinhas e mariscos, ao som letárgico e celestial dos cantores popularuchos, nas grandes catedrais de todo o dia e de todo o português, que bem percebe a ordem a cumprir, que consome por prazer tudo o que vier ao cesto e que ainda por cima, deixa a sua gorjeta, para o bolso de quem nem sequer, lhe quer pagar o ordenado.


Ser rico aqui é assim. Por isso somos todos pobres de espírito e é nosso, o reino dos céus, ou seja, o Inferno.


Mas ainda há-de vir aí, a sétima onda gigante. E não serão necessários anúncios servidos com um cocktail, para sentirmos na pele a força de todo o seu peso. Nem uma monstruosa barraca gigante colocada num areal, apenas para fazer sombra, ao grande abraço do mar.




Somos todos nós.


(Foto do blogue – Passeio dos Tristes)

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