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The Next TV Repairman

Quarta-feira, 01.10.14

After repairing ours Accounts now they are repairing ours Minds

Looking at a compressed reality


The New Reality Technicians (NRT) is now working directly with primary software: introducing a new hardware in the system they can now operate from Central Reality Control (CRC) using an additional software application applied in Mind Control (MC).


While we reset our brain pressing “0” key a technician hologram will exit any TV screen existing at home (only with power ON) and redirected our thoughts to another’s good circuits: not corrupt by Bad Images (BI) of Parallel Realities (PR – a intrusive virus that can open closed circuits in the brain – intentionally inactive only for Good Operation and Prevention/GOP).


(imagem –

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Your Brain

Sexta-feira, 13.12.13

Simple trick unleashes your brain's capacity to handle negativity and bad news

Brain´s capacity to handle negativity


If you live in the real world, you're going to encounter bad news and negativity every single day.


For many of us, it's a lot to cope with. However, research has revealed a counter-intuitive little trick that puts your brain the best possible position to deal with reality.


In fact, your brain has much more capacity to assimilate negativity that you might realize.


Most people, upon encountering bad news or a negative person, go into avoidance mode. It turns out that this is the very opposite of what you brain needs you to do. Attempting to shut out negative thoughts and feelings only thwarts the brain's process of digesting these experiences and letting them go.


So, you put these thoughts out of your mind, but then have to keep fighting them off all day long (because your brain isn't done with them). Then,


• Negative tension festers in your stomach, chest and shoulders.

• It clutters your thoughts and distracts you from the task at hand.

• It causes chronic stress and physical ailments (tense muscles, digestive problems and lethargy).


Negative stress is exhausting!


Your brain is ready to handle all things bad - and handle them permanently if you allow it to.


You just have to know what to do.


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Mas o que é a Realidade?

Sábado, 05.01.13


“No live organism can continue for long to exist sanely under conditions of absolute reality; even larks and katydids are supposed, by some, to dream.”


(Shirley Jackson – in

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