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Life on Red Planet at Risk

Domingo, 28.10.12

Manned Mars Mission Would Put Life on Red Planet at Risk, Scientists Say


If all goes according to plan, the first Mars One astronauts will touch down on the Red Planet in 2023


Humanity has long dreamed of putting boots on Mars, but those boots have the potential to stomp all over any life forms that may exist on the Red Planet.


A seething, swarming mass of 100 trillion microbes will accompany every astronaut who lands on Mars. This diverse "micro biome" has evolved with humans for eons and provides a number of services, from helping people digest their food to keeping pathogenic bacteria at bay.


While these microbes are intimately tied to humans, many of them will jump ship if transported to the Martian surface — with unknown consequences for a planet that may or may not host life of its own.


"We have the responsibility to Mars, I think — even if it's just Martian microbes — not to kill them by the act of detecting them," Cynthia Phillips of the SETI (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence) Institute said at the SETIC on 2 meeting in June in Santa Clara, Calif. [5 Bold Claims of Alien Life]


"If you have human astronauts there," Phillips added, "there's no way to sterilize them. They're spewing out thousands of microbes every second. So it's a real problem."



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