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O Mundo Como Sempre – Ontem, Hoje e Amanhã

Domingo, 05.01.14

Podemos comparar determinadas situações apenas como um simples processo experimentativo a partir do qual nos será permitido tirar algumas conclusões mas sempre parciais.

Nunca esquecendo que as condições são diferentes – em espaços transformados – mas os participantes continuam iguais – apenas adaptados.

Império Romano/Império Americano



Caesar's Rome and today


In ancient Rome, money was gold, silver, and various other metals in ingot or struck form. The silver Denarius coin was one of the common currencies of the people for commercial trade. The gold Aureus coin was generally valued at 25 denarii (unequal weights), and was used for large payments and a stable store of value (savings).



By Caesar's time (b.100BC) it was well-understood that a growing empire required a growing economy, and thus, a growing money supply. Much of this money entered the empire in the form of booty through its conquests all around the Mediterranean. By mid-century, Caesar added Gaul (Western Europe) to the conquests, and consequently, more money to the Republic's treasury and economy.


Caesar's Roman Empire and the US Empire


The US Empire has been greatly facilitated by encapsulation of the rest of the world (RotW) in the US Dollar Reserve system of trade settlement. What began as trade settlement among nations in gold (and other real products) progressed to settlement in Dollars with convertibility to gold (pre-1971), to, finally, Dollars backed by nothing. This exorbitan privilege has allowed the US to ignore deficit spending, and, in effect, coerce the RotW to help pay for the greatest military and intelligence system build-up that the world has ever known. This military/corporate industrial complex is what Eisenhower warned us of so many years ago, and since then, has been used to affect imperial conquest over the RoTW by enlisting banking/financial institutions, multinational corporations, politicians, academic institutions, organized crime, and subversive intelligence services engaging in false-flag attacks, fraud, market manipulation, money laundering, drugs, blackmail, and outright murder.




The US Empire services today's Optimates - there is no overt or covert agenda of benefit to the Populares (the people of the world). Just as in Caesar's Rome, the Optimates regard the Populares as the enemy. And today, we can see that US Empire is intent on the destruction of even its own masses - regardless of all of the media/political rhetoric.


Corruption in the US legislative system is worse than ever with bribes taking the form of lobbyist "contributions" through all manner of PACs (Political Action Committees). It is no longer possible for the people of the US to gain honest representation of their interests. Representation of the Populares has been neutered.


A Caesar in Our Own Time?


Was there a US "Caesar" in our own time? I think so - and that would be John F Kennedy (JFK). JFK was murdered by the same oligarchic Optimates that, in our own times, maintain a nameless and faceless existence behind our governments, institutions, and corporations. He was murdered by the same interests that murdered Caesar on the Senate floor - those that consider the Populares their enemy. JFK was intent on destroying the agenda of the oligarchs in favor of actions and policies that support the Populares - just as Caesar attempted to do. Among many other Populares positions, JFK planned to,




  • Issue new money according to the US Constitution. This was a slap in the face of the oligarch owners of the Federal Reserve Bank.
  • Bust the CIA into a "thousand pieces". Intelligence agencies are ideal hiding places for oligarchic operations and interests due to the powerful veil of "national security".
  • Eliminate organized crime/corruption. Another veil hiding oligarchic operations and influence.
  • End a growing Cold War agenda. Today this has morphed into the War on Terror and serves oligarchic interests directly.

Maybe, considering his true legacy, it's really no wonder at all that the New Testament Gospels actually describe the life of Julius Caesar rather than Jesus.

(Caesar's Rome and today – Larry Bowers –

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