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Set 16

US Bombs Syrian Army Base in Ceir Ezzor, Killing 83 Troops

ISIS Overruns Area, Threatens Key Airport After US Blunder

(Jason Ditz, September 17, 2016)




In what could prove to be the single biggest blunder of the entire US war in Syria, US warplanes today attacked a Syrian army base in the Jebel Tharda area on Deir Ezzor Province, in the ISIS-dominated eastern portion of the country, killing at least 83 Syrian soldiers and wounding 120 others.


Pentagon officials claimed they thought the site was “an ISIS tank position,” and admitted to not giving Russia a precise location before the attacks. Russian officials slammed the US over that, saying it underscored the Pentagon’s “stubborn refusal” to coordinate actions properly.


US warplanes killing 83 Syrian troops during a ceasefire may not be the worst of the story, incredibly enough. Those troops had been defending the area from ISIS, who quickly overran what was left of the base’s defenses, and are now even closer to the Deir Ezzor airport.


The airport has been one of the last major government holdouts in the Deir Ezzor capital, and at times the Syrian warplanes flying out of the airport were the only thing keeping ISIS from overrunning the entire eastern half of the country. The US airstrikes seriously softened up the defenses in the area, and might finally do what years of ISIS offensives couldn’t, put ISIS in control of the airport.


US officials expressed “regret” over the killing of the Syrian troops, but condemned Russia for requesting an emergency UN Security Council meeting, saying that the Russians “had blood on their hands” from the war themselves and wasn’t in a position to criticize the US botches.


According to Centcom, the Syrian troops were all “out in the open” at the base, and they also destroyed six military APCs and one tank. They reported they were “watching” the Syrian Army base for days before the attacks, figuring everyone there was ISIS.


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Fev 15

"US Government Loaded with Psychopathic Morons"
(Lisa Karpova – Pravda.Ru)



Rick Grenell


When Russian citizens in Ukraine are killed, it causes resentment from Russians, and they will start to put pressure on Russian President Vladimir Putin.


Therefore, it is certain that the growth in the number of victims of the militia will force the Russian President to withdraw.


And then the Ukrainian army could effectively kill their enemies. We need to provide weapons and supplies.


(Rick Grenell – ex-conselheiro do representante permanente dos EUA na ONU na presidência de George W. Bush)


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Dez 14

Paul Craig Roberts
Russia To Unleash Ultimate Black Swan Against The West
(KWN – Eric King – December 20, 2014)




“I was listening to the news today and there were all these self-righteous people just happy as all get out that they had finally stomped Russia into the ground and ‘Russia is now finished,’ and Russia was broken and ‘would soon be an American vassal state where it belongs.' And I was listening to this rot and got to thinking, ‘How can people be so utterly stupid?’ But they are, and they are just as stupid in Washington.


“Suppose the Russian government says, ‘Well, since the attack on the ruble is political and you guys are attacking the ruble and causing us so much trouble, we are just not going to pay off the next traunch of our debt that comes due early in 2015.'


Well, the European banking system would collapse because those banks are terribly undercapitalized. Some of them have loans to Russia that almost absorb the entire capital base. So the Russians don’t even have to default. They can just say, ‘We’re not going to pay this year. We will do it later. We’ll do it when the ruble stabilizes.’ (Laughter).


So whenever the Russians want to destroy NATO, that’s all they have to do. Just call up the puppet Merkel, call up the puppet Hollande, the puppet Cameron, and say, ‘You guys really enjoy being in NATO, well let me tell you what, we no longer sell energy to NATO members.’ That’s the end of NATO and that’s the end of the cover for American power.


That would set off so many black swans. Every banking system would probably collapse because if the German banks are faced with German industry closing down, what the hell is going to happen to the banks? So all the cards are in Putin’s hands. None of them are in Washington’s hands. Putin is going to reorient Russia to the East. Then you are going to see Russia, India, and China, take over the leadership of the world. That will start in 2015.”


(textos retirados da entrevista a Paul Craig Roberts – King World News)

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Mai 14

Who needs the United States? Not Russia and China

(retirado de: Michael Snyder – The Economic Collapse Blog)


Russia reached a $400 billion deal to supply gas to China through a new pipeline over 30 years

(A milestone between the world's largest energy producer and the biggest consumer)


Russia and China have just signed what is being called "the gas deal of the century", and the two countries are discussing moving away from the U.S. dollar and using their own currencies to trade with one another. This has huge implications for the future of the U.S. economy, but the mainstream media in the United States is being strangely quiet about all of this.


Showdown in Ukraine stems from Brzezinski's desire to chop Russia into pieces

(retirado de: Mike Whitney – Counterpunch)


"Comrade Wolf knows who to eat, and he eats without listening to anyone."
(Russian President Vladimir Putin referring
to the United States)


"Russia's longer-term role in Eurasia will depend largely on its self-definition...Russia's first priority should be to modernize itself rather than to engage in a futile effort to regain its status as a global power. Given the country's size and diversity, a decentralized political system and free-market economics would be most likely to unleash the creative potential of the Russian people and Russia's vast natural resources. A loosely confederated Russia - composed of a European Russia, a Siberian Republic, and a Far Eastern Republic - would also find it easier to cultivate closer economic relations with its neighbours. Each of the confederated entitles would be able to tap its local creative potential, stifled for centuries by Moscow's heavy bureaucratic hand. In turn, a decentralized Russia would be less susceptible to imperial mobilization." (Zbigniew Brzezinski – A Geostrategy for Eurasia)



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Mai 14

Russia & China

To Bring On Worst Nightmare For US Authorities



When you look at what’s really unfolding around the world, it’s like a race to the edge of a cliff, and yet the markets are still being aggressively manipulated.  But the real problem for the West is the U.S. dollar is in jeopardy.  I believe the Russians and the Chinese know this and so they are just biding their time.


I think Putin is playing his cards very well over there.  I also think the West is basically impotent in this situation.  I don’t see anything happening over in Ukraine as a positive development for the West.  The last thing the world needs is more geopolitical turmoil because of all the problems we already have in the economic and financial spheres.


It’s not just the Ukraine, it’s the Middle East, and it’s the South China Sea.  I was also reading over the weekend that Thailand is now on the verge of blowing up.  Kenya is becoming increasingly more lawless and the Central African Republic is a mess.  The world is just lurching toward a crisis and the destabilization on the geopolitical front will just add fuel to the fires that are already about to erupt in the financial system.


The United States better be careful doing that because I think the Chinese and the Russians could attack the U.S. currency and bring on the worst nightmare the U.S. authorities could ever imagine.  The West is impotent in Ukraine, so the U.S. is trying to attack Russia in the markets. But as I said, they better be careful because those tactics may end up blowing up in the faces of the central planners in the United States.


(John Embry/Industry expert in precious metals –

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Mar 14

Russia vs USA


Barack Obama and Vladimir Putin


Ukraine’s population is split, roughly 50/50, between those who are “pro EU/US” and those who are “pro Russia”. The recent “revolution” and change of government in Ukraine has exacerbated political, ethnic and religious divisions (as all US-inspired provocations do, and are designed to do) among the Ukrainian people. At present, the US-backed government in Kiev and its supporters in Western Ukraine are lobbying the UN security council and NATO (the US military mainly) to “look at all ways to protect its territorial integrity.” At the same time, the newly declared ‘independent’ parliament in the Crimean peninsula has called on Russia to protect its ‘integrity’. All of which appears to shape up as the opening gambit in a possible military confrontation between the USA and Russia. So, is the real war that never came during the ‘cold war’ about to kick off?



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