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Colosseum sofa

Sábado, 22.01.11

Colosseum sofa from Tappezzeria Rocchetti


Italian furniture maker Tappezzeria Rocchetti has attained a new zenith in tatty representations of glorious antiquities with this sofa based on the Roman Colosseum:

This sofa is the perfect example of an exceptionally manufactured sofa that offers both the comfort of a sofa and the unique feeling of visiting a historical monument like the Colosseum in Italy, Rome. The manufacturer, Tappezzeria Rocchetti is actually famous for its craftwork upholstery that already has over sixty years of tradition. This sofa is a mix of antique history and also modern features - comfort and modern materials, being perfect for the little hostels in the city of Rome , offering the tourists a taste of the ancient Rome while still inside or in front of the TV set.


Boing Boing

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