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Ukraine Last Report

Quinta-feira, 28.08.14

The Truth about Malaysia Airlines Flight 17:


Two planes

(one from Malaysia and the other from X)


– Shutdown in Ukraine Air!


 (imagem –

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Danos Colaterais

Segunda-feira, 21.07.14



Malaysia Airlines Disaster Could Be Setback for AIDS Research

(Live Science)


The human immunodeficiency virus – HIV in green – infecting a cell

(image taken with an electron scanning microscope)


The HIV/AIDS research community expressed sadness today over the loss of prominent AIDS researchers and activists who were aboard Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17, saying that the tragedy could also be a setback for research in the field.


The flight, which was carrying nearly 300 passengers from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, was brought down yesterday (July 17) by a surface-to-air missile while flying over an area of conflict between Ukraine and Russia, according to U.S. government officials. At least several of the passengers on the flight were believed to be headed to the International AIDS Conference in Melbourne, Australia.


So far, conference organizers say they have confirmed that seven AIDS researchers and activists were among the victims, according to The Washington Post. Among the victims was Dr. Joep Lange, from the Department of Global Health at the University of Amsterdam, whose colleagues call him a pioneer in the field.




(texto: Rachael Rettner and Bahar Gholipour/ – imagem: Cynthia Goldsmith/Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)

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Segunda-feira, 21.07.14

Spanish Air Controller in Kiev Borispol Airport:

Ukraine Military Shot Down Boeing MH17


Important! Industry Outlet Confirms Carlos (@spainbuca) as ATC at Borispol in Kiev.

(See the Text of Carlos / @spainbuca Tweets Below the Article)

ETN received information from an air traffic controller in Kiev on Malaysia Airlines flight MH17.

This Kiev air traffic controller is a citizen of Spain and was working in the Ukraine. He was taken off duty as a civil air-traffic controller along with other foreigners immediately after a Malaysia Airlines passenger aircraft was shot down over the Eastern Ukraine killing 295 passengers and crew on board.



The air traffic controller suggested in a private evaluation and basing it on military sources in Kiev that the Ukrainian military was behind this shoot down. Radar records were immediately confiscated after it became clear a passenger jet was shot down.

Military air traffic controllers in internal communication acknowledged the military was involved, and some military chatter said they did not know where the order to shoot down the plane originated from.

Obviously it happened after a series of errors, since the very same plane was escorted by two Ukrainian fighter jets until 3 minutes before it disappeared from radar.

Radar screen shots also show an unexplained change of course of the Malaysian Boeing. The change of course took the aircraft directly over the Eastern Ukraine conflict region.

Some tweets received suggest this may have been a secret military uprising against the current Ukrainian president under the direction of formerly-jailed Prime Minister Timoshenko.

According to other rumors, the black box for this crashed Malaysian Airlines flight was taken by Donetsk separatists. A spokesperson for the rebel group said this black box would be sent to the Interstate Aviation Committee headquartered in Moscow.

The First Deputy Prime Minister of the self-proclaimed People’s Republic of Donetsk, Andrew Purgin, stated that the flight recorders of the crashed aircraft will be transferred to Moscow for examination.

Sources say the Rebel group leadership hopes this would confirm the Ukrainian military actually shot down this aircraft. This was reported by the news agency Interfax-Ukraine.





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The WAR for the Ukraine

Segunda-feira, 05.05.14

What’s the real story?

May 04, 2014

T Anthony Michael



There have been many wars — terrible wars — fought on Planet Earth over the past 100 years.  However, the greatest war of them all could literally be around the corner, unless it is stopped by the people of this planet. The epic confrontation in the Ukraine presents the most dangerous and unprecedented conflict between the world’s superpowers since the breakup of the Soviet Union.  Truly, this clash between East and West represents an economic, political and religious battleground that will dwarf every other war save WWI and WWII.  If the conflict in the Ukraine is not resolved peacefully, it has the potential of evolving into a full blown World War III scenario.



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Is World War 3 Imminent?

Domingo, 02.03.14

Russia vs USA


Barack Obama and Vladimir Putin


Ukraine’s population is split, roughly 50/50, between those who are “pro EU/US” and those who are “pro Russia”. The recent “revolution” and change of government in Ukraine has exacerbated political, ethnic and religious divisions (as all US-inspired provocations do, and are designed to do) among the Ukrainian people. At present, the US-backed government in Kiev and its supporters in Western Ukraine are lobbying the UN security council and NATO (the US military mainly) to “look at all ways to protect its territorial integrity.” At the same time, the newly declared ‘independent’ parliament in the Crimean peninsula has called on Russia to protect its ‘integrity’. All of which appears to shape up as the opening gambit in a possible military confrontation between the USA and Russia. So, is the real war that never came during the ‘cold war’ about to kick off?



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