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Air Quality ─ Observations from Space

Segunda-feira, 13.04.20

Reductions in Nitrogen Dioxide Air Pollution

Presumably Associated with Reductions in Fossil Fuel Use


marchyearlyNO2.jpg marchyearlyNO2 b.jpg


Over the past several weeks, the Northeast United States has seen significant reductions in air pollution over its major metropolitan areas. Similar reductions in air pollution have been observed in other regions of the world. These recent improvements in air quality have come at a high cost, as communities grapple with widespread lockdowns and shelter-in-place orders as a result of the spread of COVID-19.



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The State as Left the Building

Sexta-feira, 29.01.16



The precise moment United States is running to the abyss, the New North-American Magician finally appears to the World: dressing in a radical way but talking like an asshole-man.


Definitively destroying the States (the United States of America) and delivering them to Corporations (the new United States of the World).



President Trump
(And the next White House)




But there are people who believe The Magician would be a good President, for instant to the Industry:


The hundreds of new levels Trump would add to the White House would easily reduce supply of most consumer electronics ten-fold. Skyrocketing demand would be great for the tech industry. Never mind the minor detail that there wouldn’t be any light bulbs, refrigerators, or big screen TV’s left for anyone else. (Tom Stucznski – 01.08.2015)


So if you think Trump is Good Stuff do not forget that truly they are really the same: REP’s or DEM’s. With Trump, Clinton or anybody else State (The People) will definitively be vanished and another strong power will rise now and forever (The Corporation).






Alexander of the Saints – Sweet Drop boss
(Here as Sponge Bob)


Even now in a small country like Portugal a big boss (of Sweet Drop) with no reason (at all) and only thinking itself (financially) can strongly attack the State – as if it (the boss/one) did not depend on him (the state/all).


When we reduce overtime work, number of working hours or cost of a hospital query,
What are we doing?
Buying the electorate!
(Alexander of the Saints – Sweet Drop boss)



One more proof the world is on the right track – including our own country.
And that wall we need to find is our own Trump Man – or someone/something like him/like that.


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The United States’ Capitals Of Inequality

Domingo, 26.05.13

Mississippi basin


Welcome to the San Francisco Bay Area. The epicenter of the tech industry. The global vortex of venture capital. One of the most brutally unequal places in America, indeed the world.


In the distribution of income and wealth, California more resembles the neocolonial territories of rapacious resource extraction than it does Western Europe. The only states that compare to California’s harsh inequalities are deep southern states structured by centuries of racist fortune building by pseudo-aristocratic ruling classes, and the East Coast capitals of the financial sector.


It’s a strange club, the super-inequitable states of the U.S. This list pairs the bluest coastal enclaves of liberal power with the reddest Southern conservative states. In terms of wages and wealth these places have a lot in common.


The economies of Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama remain bound by racial inequalities founded in slavery and plantation agriculture; the wealthy elite of all three states remain a handful of white families who control the largest holdings of fertile land, and own the extractive mineral and timber industries, and the regional banks.


Texas, with its sprawling cities, global banks, energy corporations, universities, and tech companies, is more like California in that its extreme economic inequalities are as new as they are old. Stolen land and racial segregation combine with unworldly new fortunes built on the Internet and logistical revolutions in manufacturing and markets to manifest a gaping divide in power and wealth between the few and the many. The Texas border, like California’s, opens up vast pools of Mexican and immigrant labor for super-exploitation by agribusiness and industry.


The same goes for New York, Connecticut, and Washington D.C. the other most unequal places in the United States. New York and Connecticut, like California, have become societies divided by an upper stratum of financial-sector workers and corporate employees whose salaries and investments simply dwarf the bottom half of the population’s earnings, and unlike the South, this extreme level of inequality is rather new in its source of valorization.


Washington D.C. is split between the federal haves, mostly fattened contractors who run the military, or who represent the interests of the billionaires in California and New York, and the have-nots, mostly Black and immigrant service sector workers who wait on these technocrats of empire.


(JacobSloan –

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