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The Guilty One

Quarta-feira, 12.03.14

“I think that – when is protection status is over – he must be sent to Justice”

 (or we will be definitely eaten by is vicious monster creation, The Hydra)


Great Chief Horse Face – Shame on you


If we kill people with your own hands for your benefit – and for your family, friends and party – you are a criminal leader. And if you saw the crime in front of you and you do nothing for your benefit – and your family, friends and party – what are you? Be ashamed and tell us, or you will be nothing but a gangster: you may kill us first but then that will be your future as a traitor!


I am not afraid to say what I feel. Many people say he's a clown!


[first of all sorry for my writing – an emigrant in his own country, sold by traitors to strangers, living in another country]


(text: Nobody Dan – image: Web)

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