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US Out of Control

Segunda-feira, 29.05.17

US coalition 'kills hundreds' of Mosul civilians in one week




Smoke billows as Iraqi forces clash with IS group fighters in Mosul on 5 March, 2017



Between 250 and 370 civilians killed by US-led air strikes in seven days of fighting, says monitor Airwars


The US-led coalition fighting the Islamic State may have killed hundreds of civilians in the first week of March in support of Iraqi forces storming western Mosul, according to reports by monitoring group Airwars.


Using open-source data and witness reports, the group estimated that between 250 and 370 civilians had been killed in 11 incidents in the heavily populated western side of the city since 1 March. Out of the 11 incidents, four were backed by two or more sources saying the coalition was responsible for the strikes, it said.


US strikes in Syria kill more civilians than Assad's air forces




The US air force has carried out the vast majority of coalition air strikes in Syria



Monitor says US-led coalition killed at least 225 civilians in past month, surpassing 146 civilian deaths caused by Syrian government strikes


The number of civilians killed in air strikes by the US-led coalition in Syria over the past month was the highest monthly toll since it began its campaign against the Islamic State (IS) group in 2014, a monitoring organisation said on Tuesday.


The UK-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said that at least 225 civilians including 44 children and 36 women had been killed in the month between 23 April and 23 May.


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