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US Presidential Elections 2016 – Breaking News

Sábado, 24.09.16


Deep Throat

Who’s the reptilian in the picture?


With Planet X rapidly approaching to Earth and with perihelion dated to 11/08 an indentified North-American journalist (and whistleblower) secretly working for CNN, just send us today this incredible picture: with a partial photo of one of the top candidates (to US Presidential Elections) with a strange artefact implanted on his mouth.




A radiotransmitter working for Illegal Aliens?

(Interior left of the mouth)


Two asteroids will impact planet Earth in 11/08

(How many will be the survivors?)


A picture of a top candidate (the favourite) that is extremely concerning and disturbing many of the opposition leaders (of the US), not only for the bizarre registration but also for the facial (and clear) signal (or warning): in the year 2017 and for a period of at least four years, with the World being produced by aliens and driven by clones.



Illegal Aliens

Threaten ET´s because of the Wall


Remembering that on the other side of this STAR WARS and also competing for divine Earth President Seat, another North-American super-clone suspiciously and dangerous tied with space and Mexican aliens, maybe preparing a plot (a coup) joining all (of the two) in one and finally creating The Wall: saying yes to the people as a good strategy (false message to the stupid Humans) and opening the all world for decisive Alien Invasion (in history our Gods for centuries).




Illegal aliens (right of picture maybe Mexicans) chasing helicopter on US sky

(With children’s in interior’s machine)


After the double Impact will come the Apocalypse

(With aliens surfing great and North-American tsunami waves)


In a real footage made last year at IOWA (15 of August about 1:00 pm) where we can see one of the candidate’s aerial transport flying over the city and being pursuit by a strange flying object resembling like a flying saucer or UFO: with so many children on board only confirming the danger of Alien presence near the Humans and the necessity of closing them on the other side of the Wall.



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