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Vírus Ébola

Sábado, 13.09.14

Enquanto o vírus Ébola explode em África (segundo muitos dos especialistas duma forma exponencial) no resto do mundo continuamos tranquilamente (e como se África fosse lá muito longe) à espera do lançamento da vacina.


Liberia runs out of hospital beds as Ebola cases increase exponentially overwhelming healthcare system

(The Watchers)



As West Africa's Ebola epidemic continues to worsen, local healthcare systems are being completely overwhelmed. In Liberia, the World Health Organization (WHO) reports, there is not a single bed available for any more patients.

The WHO reports that more than 4,200 cases of Ebola have been confirmed in West Africa, leading to at least 2,296 deaths. Troublingly, 49 percent of all cases and 47 percent of all deaths had occurred within the 21-day period before September 6, indicating that the spread of the disease may be accelerating.

"As soon as a new Ebola treatment facility is opened, it immediately fills to overflowing with patients, pointing to a large but previously invisible caseload," the WHO said in a statement. "Many thousands of new cases are expected in Liberia over the coming three weeks."


(texto e imagem – The Watchers)

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